Cyber Security

Cyber Security

We shield corporate networks against threats – Design and implementation of solutions for perimeter security (Proxys, Firewall, IPS, Web Filtering) and communications.
We focus on the consulting, design, dimensioning and implementation of the project that ranges from choosing the best type of cable to be used to the conduits.
With the CCTV Service, consulting, design, implementation and maintenance of the security camera circuits are carried out.
Business VoIP services provide seamless access to an organization’s phone system from anywhere, to all of its employees.
Hardware and software consulting necessary to form IT Infrastructures – Design and implementation of IT infrastructures.
Monitoring and auditing – We have technology focused on the collection of records of all the information of your hardware and software.
Design, orientation and implementation of websites – We have a group of specialists capable of guiding you in the various languages of the computer area.